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ClubMaster Steele: Hip Hop Xplosion #9 (Old School Classics)

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Written by ClubMaster Steele   
Monday, 28 November 2011 14:40

ClubMaster Steele's Old School Hip Hop Series
**Hip Hop Xplosion # 9 Currently Playing**

Hip Hop Xplosion #9

Track 1 Super Rhyme Super Rhyme
Track 2 SugarHill Gang Rappers Delight
Track 3 Furious Five The Message
Track 4 U.T.F.O. Roxanne
Track 5 Whodini Big Mouth
Track 6 Treachous Three Feel The Heartbeat
Track 7 Gordy's Groove
Track 8 Dana Dane Nightmares
Track 9 Funky 4 Plus 1 That’s The Joint
Track 10 Furious Five Freedom
Track 11 Kurtis Blow These Are The Brakes
Track 12 Kurtis Blow AJ Scratch
Track 13 Whistle Just Buggin
Track 14 Boogie Down Production South Bronx
Track 15 MC Shan The Bridge
Track 16 Biz Markie Nobody Beats The Biz
Track 17 Eric B & Rakiem Paid In Full
Track 18 SuperLover C The James
Track 19 Big Daddy Kane Get Raw
Track 20 Slick Rick Mona Lisa
Track 21 Slick Rick Children
Track 22 Dougie Fresh The Show
Track 23 Eric B & Rakiem I Got Soul
Track 24 Biz Markie Something For The Radio
Track 25 Biz Markie Making Music With Your Mouth
Track 26 Dougie Fresh Keep Rising to the Top
Track 27 MC Shan Marley Scratch
Track 28 Run DMC Jam Master Jay
Track 29 LL Cool J My Radio
Track 30 Eric B & Rakiem Eric B For President
Track 31 Boogie Down Production The Bridge Is Over

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