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Yenn: Pop Artist

YENN's Mantra is simple: Loud and Spontaneous. Whether you’re in love, out at a club, even when you’re at Church. Don't accept parts of who you are or who you want to be. Embrace your whole and love it. Her style? Consider a threesome between pop, rock and electro. Add a splash of cultural prowess and you will have her racy, edgy and very sexy sound.
YENN has been performing since the age of 13 and has toured North America, Australia, Russia and European countries such as Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Her career began in the world of traditional Vietnamese music before turning to modern pop. "My sound is influenced by a vast variety of musical cultures”. She brings spunk, drop-your-jaw sex appeal and seriously pushes your buttons.
YENN is polishing up her first album recording with producers such as Alex Cantrall, Reo Mitchell, Chris Rojas, Jordan Omly and Derek Bramble. “This album is about love, all different sides of it. Emotional, mental and sexual. It’s living the moment and living it big. It’s about being stripped down, bear, vulnerable and owning that side of yourself. Provocative should make you proud."
YENN's album will be released in fall of 2011. Her current single “Pretty Ugly” has created shakes in the sub-culture world of clubs. Her upcoming shows will steam up your glasses and wake the animal within. Get ready to be captivated by YENN.


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