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ClubMaster Steele's: R&B HipHop Hype #4

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R&B HipHop Hype #4
1 Jin So Afraid
2 Rell f. Kanye West & Consequence Real Love
3 Ja Rule f. R. Kelly & Ashanti Wonderful
4 Loon Pimpin Ken *
5 Christina Milian Weather U Want
6 Loon Friday Nights
7 Loon f. Carl Thomas I'll Be There
8 Jill Scot Golden
9 R. Kelly Love Signals (Happy people)
10 R. Kelly Love Street
11 R. Kelly Stepping Into Heaven
12 DirtBag Slow Down Lil Buddy
13 5 Juste 5 Dollars
14 K-OS The Love Song (instru)
15 De La Soul Sanctuary Urban
16 K-OS The Love Song
17 Silk The Shocker f. Master P We Like Them Girls
18 Jackie-O Sugar Wall
19 Fat Joe f. Terror Squad Lean Back
20 Razah Feel So Good
21 Christina Milian Dip It Low (Reggae Mix)