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ClubMaster Steele's: Midnight Romance #12

Midnight Romance #12

Track 1 R. Kelly Bad Man
Track 2 Darnell Jones He Wont Hurt You Again
Track 3 Carl Thomas Emotional
Track 4 Toni Braxton Just Be A Man About It
Track 5 Will Downing Real Soon
Track 6 Joe Somebody Got To Be On Top
Track 7 Jeffrey Osbourne That’s For Sure
Track 8 Brian McKnight 6,8,12
Track 9 Alfonso Blackwell Anything Worth Having
Track 10 Natalie Cole I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Track 11 Will Downing Love Of My Life
Track 12 Carl Thomas SuperStar
Track 13 Toni Braxton I'm Still Breathing
Track 14 Tracy Spencer Unbelievable
Track 15 Kelly Price At Least(The Little Things)
Track 16 Gerald LeVert Strings
Track 17 Teddy Pendergrass Give It to Me
Track 18 Carl Thomas Giving You All My Love
Track 19 Assorted Phlavors Love So Real

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