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ClubMaster Steele's: Hip Hop Xplosion #21

Hip Hop Xplosion #21
Track 1 DMX Sometimes
Track 2 DMX School Street
Track 3 Ja Rule Last Temptation
Track 4 Cuban Link Still Telling Lies
Track 5 G Unit Beg For Mercy
Track 6 Juelz Santana My Love
Track 7 Drag-On Put Your Drinks Down
Track 8 Murder Inc The Pledge
Track 9 Murder Inc The Pledge (remix)
Track 10 Doggy All Stars Nite L.O.C.'s
Track 11 Jay-Z Jigga That N***a
Track 12 G Unit Get To Know Ya
Track 13 P. Diddy, Pharrell, Lenny Kravitz, Loon Show Me Your Soul
Track 14 Benzino Rock The Party
Track 15 DMX Trina Moe
Track 16 Dilated Peoples Love And War
Track 17 G Unit Popping Them Thangs
Track 18 Jay-Z The Rulers Back
Track 19 Violators: Mystikal, Dirty Bag, Busta Rhymes
Track 20 Old Dirty Bastard Dirty & Stinking
Track 21 High & Mightey Dick Starbuck Dick Starbuck; Porno Detective
Track 22 Drag-On Bang Bang Boom
Track 23 High & Mightey f/ Eminem The Last Hit
Track 24 Ja Rule Blood In My Eye

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