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ClubMaster Steele's: Hip Hop Xplosion #19

Hip Hop Xplosion #19
Track 1 Blac Haze Give A Shot
Track 2 DITC Thick
Track 3 Rakim Real Sh*t
Track 4 Blac Haze Playa 4 Life
Track 5 De La Soul Squat
Track 6 Mad Rapper, Mase, Tracey Lee & the Leonards That’s Whats Happening
Track 7 Piakhan Spheres
Track 8 Dragon Put Your Drinks Down
Track 9 Nas Nas' Angels.. The Flyest
Track 10 Fat Joe All I Need
Track 11 Christina Milian Spending Time
Track 12 50 Cents
Track 13 50 Cents In Da Hood
Track 14 Jayz All I Need
Track 15 Cassidy Hotel (Remix)
Track 16 Craig Mack Flavor In Your ear
Track 17 Bow Wow Lets Get Down
Track 18 Loon Down 4 Me
Track 19 Blue Cantrell Make Me Wanna Scream
Track 20 Dwele Find A Way

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