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Artist Showcase: Kieth Sweat

Artist Showcase #5 Keith Sweat

Track 1 Something Just Aint Right
Track 2 Make Me Sweat
Track 3 Let Me Love You
Track 4 Put Your Loving Through The Test
Track 5 Comeback
Track 6 Right And A Wrong Way
Track 7 I'm Going For Mine
Track 8 (There You Go) Telling Me No Again
Track 9 Knew You Were Cheating
Track 10 Round & Round (LSG) LeVert Sweat & Gil
Track 11 Am I Dreaming (Xscape)
Track 12 Come Into My Bedroom
Track 13 I'll Give All My Love To You
Track 14 For You
Track 15 Make It Last Forever
Track 16 Love To Love You